Wishing so many most to visiting our September, October, November and Christmas for the years and wishing our so to all owr to our 17 East Beverley Antiques . Playing we are hoping to contribute to the days for

October for all friends and the rest of time in all by will be from from

Monday-September and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm.

17 Antiques has 7 different independently owned shops in one building. You can view current items for sale by scrolling through the different shops at the top of this page. 

Check out our new merchandise, coming in every week..toys, art, collectibles, vintage textiles, beautiful jewelry, Victorian, Bakelite and costume, postcards, sheet music lighting and great new pieces of vintage furniture. We also have dealers who love mid-century modern and vintage pinups, altogether a very interesting mix of items in a friendly atmosphere.               

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